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Gamefly to halt its streaming service by the end of this month

Gamefly will shut down its game streaming services by the end of August after running the service for over three years since its launch in 2015. The streaming service was considered to be the Netflix of the gaming world.

The game rental company provided unlimited access to games to its users at just $10 per month who had a compatible game controller along with a smart TV like Samsung or Amazon Fire with internet access. The games could even be played using a smartphone.

In May, Electronic Arts obtained the back-end team of Gamefly along with its technology but did not take the streaming service facility. The back-end team assisted users to save their game progress to the cloud. EA released a statement that they had obtained the technology developed by Gamefly along with its team but have not decided anything about the streaming facility offered by the company and the decision to shut down that aspect happened before the acquisition.

Gamefly has confirmed that the physical games and movies will still be available on rent and the users could get physical discs sent to them, but the support for the streaming facility will be provided till the end of this month and no services will be charged post this month.

EA has declared to start its own gaming service based on the cloud at E3 in June and is currently assessing its own streaming service. The acquisition will be fruitful for the company as it would not have to compete with one of its internal companies. The existing companies will have to keep finding new ways to maintain their business as more streaming services continue to rise.