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Google Pixel 3 XL images leaked in White colour

The Pixel series has been launched at the end of October for the past two years. With just three months left before the launch, it is obvious that we may see some leaks of the Pixel series phones.

If rumours are to be believed, an XDA Forums member has shared some images of the so-called ‘Pixel 3 XL’ in pure White colour on the internet and they are almost the same as to what we have seen so far. The image of Pixel fast boot screen shows that there is no valid slot to boot. Dr. Guru who shared these images states that the prototype doesn’t boot as it was wiped out by Google itself.

We can see from the image that the phone has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage and it has its nickname – crosshatch. The details leaked earlier showed that the phone has 128 GB of internal storage, apart from that all the information matches with the details shared by Guru. Even the hardware specifications match with Pixel.

The barcodes and identifying stickers are clearly visible on the back, so is the logo that Google uses for its products.  Sadly, the massive notch appears to be concrete as of now, although it’s most likely necessary to accommodate the twin front-facing cameras. There is a portion of glass on the top of the rear of the phone for the future ‘Pixel Stand’.

 It’s simply arduous to see as Google has previously used a white piece of glass in its smaller Pixel 2 phones. There are still unknown facts about the Pixel 3 phone as we have not seen the previous Pixel 3 live photos anywhere yet. Still, we can expect so many leaks in the coming months.