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How the Instagram stars would Save Marks and Spencer

You must remember the jumpsuit dress of Marks and Spencer that was all sold out within 24 hours which was from the summer collection. Or we are sure that you have already been obsessed with the yellow dress of M&S, which you can see all over the Instagram feed of your account.

If you are on social media sites, and especially on Instagram, you must be aware of the buzz that most of the Marks and Spencer articles make over your accounts, and it is from the Instagram stars to the normal public. This seems so odd from the news that we have heard on Wednesday that the retailer of the brand has suffered from a decline of the sales of their clothes.

But when we see the excitement of the people for this brand’s collection online, we might think of the fashion fiestas and the influencers a reason for the decline in the retail sale of it. They may also suggest that how the brand can improve its supply chain for the prospects.

Right things that the retailers are doing

In fact, the retailers of this brand are doing well by using the social figures and celebrities to flaunt their master pieces and the statement articles over these social sites and Instagram.

A fashion blogger and stylist says that she prefers to shop online, while for some things like shoes she prefers to go to the retailers.

Another blogger said that, the coat department of Marks and Spencer is one of their strongest departments.

There are some Instagram influencers including Stedman, who are having thousands of the followers on their accounts on social media from instaboostgram. They use their accounts to promote the products of these brands. Most of the time, these social influencers are paid for their promotional services by the retailers of those particular brands.

Another blogger supported the strategy of Marks and Spencer and she said that the brand is actually going at the right direction by targeting the youth through its diversity and hitting the wider audience.

She added that, the buzz of M&S is because they promote their product through the people of all shapes, size, color, and age. They are also using the bloggers, which is also a better strategy for them to target more people. They are not only providing the articles that one consider a must have piece, but also the quality they provide is also like a fresh air breath for us.

The role of the Instagram Influencer is very strong and powerful which provides the brand some other perks in creating this buzz. For instance, she said Le along with her daughter served as a social Influencer for the brand when they were gifted with one of their summer jumpsuit piece. It created a right mayhem when they shared a cute picture of the mother daughter twinning in the same dress. This increased the lead of the product and sales went well through online channel.

Recommendation by the bloggers

Most of the bloggers say that it is good to focus on the social media and online sales, but the retailers must try to bring in some diversity and they should market the brand with an additional message.