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Amazon to Offer Precise Clothing Size Using 3D Body Scan

Amazon is reportedly working on physically scanning customer body type for offering specific clothing size

E-commerce websites gather data from preference and search history of individual to display the customized content. Amazon, e-commerce major was reported to invite customers into New York office to examine and analyze body shape and size over a 20 week time period. The company is reported to conduct a survey, as a part of which twice a month, volunteers will visit the office to analyze changes in body shape over time. As reward, participants involved in the program will receive Amazon gift cards worth up to US$ 250.

The purpose of the idea is to help customers in finding perfect fitted pair of clothes by visualizing how particular outfit will look on their body type. This is expected to reduce the number of return orders, which is always risk with online clothes shopping. The new strategy is estimated to be part of recent acquisition of computer vision startup Body Labs. The company is forming body scanning team to create statistical 3-D models of human bodies, which can aid in matching images and videos of individual using deep-learning algorithms and other advanced technologies.

Amazon currently is focusing on clothing segment. Furthermore, it launched own fashion brands and debuted Prime Wardrobe, which allows Amazon Prime subscribers to select several pieces of clothing at once for delivery and return the pieces that don’t fit properly. According to the Professor Susan Ashdown of Cornell University, “body scanning is much more complicated than anyone imagines. How you hold your shoulders, the angle of your hips — everything feeds into how well your clothes fit you.” Amazon is working on developing the technology, which can help in increasing market value of the company in online cloth shopping segment.