Time Saving Miniature Painting Tip

A lot of miniature painting tasks aren’t completed in an individual day (insert regular Rome cliche here). Most take a few days to complete, at a bare minimum.

Over the several days, just how much time is spent cleaning (and re cleaning) your paint trays, rollers, paintbrushes, plus pads? Time, at least. And those are several of probably the messiest, most monotonous time of the entire procedure.

And it’s all totally unnecessary. Just take it from an experienced miniature painting service. You do not need to clean all of those tools and brushes every day. It is a total waste of supplies and time.

The secret for this time saving progression is keeping everything that paint covered & wet. Which means that keeping air off of the resources? You place a lid on the paint of yours and also – it continues to be as new the following day as it’d been when you initially started it. Precisely the same idea is true for your paint trays, rollers, and brushes.

Cover your paint trays with aluminum foil or perhaps (better yet) clear plastic wrap. The “Press-and-Seal” brand of wrap with adhesive on only one side is perfect for closing up paint trays. Simply make sure that every side is securely sealed against air. Well sealed trays of color will have wet and fresh for one to 2 days.

Paintbrushes and paint rollers may be positioned in Ziploc storage bags or even wrapped in plastic shopping bags. Simply just make sure in order to press virtually all air from the clear plastic bags and also to seal the bags with whatever is really at hand – painter’s tape is what I most often use. These will even keep for one day or 2 this way. In case these need to be maintained for over a couple of days they must be wrapped up and positioned in the freezer. Make sure you enable the brushes & rollers to thaw for many hours before reuse in case you are taking the path.

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