So Why Do I Paint My Miniature?

I’ve asked myself this question numerous times. For a lot of years I made my living through accounting solutions for several businesses. About 5 years ago I experienced it was time for me to change the profession of mine, to a thing which maybe suited the character of mine even more, therefore I chose to ultimately pursue the lifetime dream of mine of becoming a regular artist.

I most likely make less right now, as a miniature painting service, so the revenue isn’t necessarily dependable, however, my job certainly is much more fulfilling… I usually had the should create, ever since I remember myself, and also I believe this regular need to produce and also my almost obsessive occupation with art and endless quest for aesthetic perfection, need to do with the requirement to concentrate on the good in life instead of the ordinary, tragic, sad, trivial, mundane, and the unfair that surrounds us. For me, and possibly for the majority of my art buyers, art is simply… an escape.

Painting for me is indulging in an exciting and extremely pleasant exercise the effects of that I know will delight others… It’s producing an imaginary, utopian, world that is perfect, where there’s simply no bad, ugly, sad…And sharing it with many other individuals. Inviting others in… It’s selling a little comfort, some therapy, some hope – as a fabric has the secret powers to capture the attractiveness of a topic and freeze it in time for thousands of years. Maybe this is my modest attempt at attempting to achieve something somewhat closer to eternity.

Eternity…a notion which I cannot actually begin to comprehend. My painting is a celebration of nature, together with the marvels of it, the colors, the textures, the contrasts, the music of light, the whispering on the breeze, the perpetual dance of ocean waves. It’s attempting to immortalize animals that are incredible, and also having to pay respect to almighty skies with the massive palette of theirs of weathers, moreover ultimately, embracing life, harmony and love, rather than destruction and war, As this magnificent world, that gave birth to people and it is currently and so a lot more in desperate need of our tender loving appreciation and care.

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