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Google Maps will now share your phones battery status

Google is ready to launch a new feature for Maps which will share your phone’s battery status along with your location details. Earlier, one could only share his location data to someone through maps, but this new feature shares your mobile phone’s exact battery status too. This feature will be very helpful to ensure the security of our loved ones in case they require some immediate help. As the users will now have proper details of the location along with the status of their friend’s mobile battery, they will be able to reach the target location quickly.

The feature was invented by Android Police in early February and they had conducted intensive research on the 9.71 beta version. The older version shared an estimate of the battery percentage left and was less accurate. The newer version even displays the battery icon and is far more accurate than its predecessor. Android Police confirmed that the feature was thoroughly tested on multiple devices and the battery indicator shared accurate levels of the remaining battery on the sender’s mobile phone. It is now live on Google Maps for iOS and Android.

The new battery indicator will be helpful to understand the conditions better from which the sender has shared the location details. The users can assume that the sender might be low on mobile battery if they have not called or messaged for some time. The receiver would not panic even if the sender does not answer to calls or messages at all considering the sender’s battery might have drained completely and can use the location data sent to his app to reach the destination in time.