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Student arrested for allegedly hacking $5 Million

A 20-year-old student was arrested by the Police in California for being part of a group that hacked mobile phones to steal more than $5 million. Joel Ortiz, who is studying IT at UMass Boston hacked approx. 45 mobile phones during a seminar involving many well-known dignitaries in New York.

According to the sources, this is the first time someone has been accused of using trendy methods such as SIM hacking in order to steal cryptocurrencies or media information from cell phones. The accused was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport moments before he was boarding to an international flight.

Ortiz has to face charges for theft and hacking and currently is in jail after the judge has set a bail of $1 million for him. This technique is used to fool the mobile phone operators into swapping the users mobile number to any SIM which is managed by the hacker. Then the hacker gets into online accounts after resetting the password and sell them for cryptocurrencies. Such types of fraudulent activities are trending recently.

Ortiz was very good at software coding and even used to teach basic computer programming to the students of his school. An official from the Boston Public School said that he was one of the brilliant students in school and led his school’s robotics team as the main software programmer, which was very successful and he is also fluent in foreign languages like Spanish and Chinese.

The Police stated that Ortiz spent all the money he made from these thefts to buy luxurious goods. He was reported to be carrying an expensive bag with him when he was arrested.