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Elon Musk wants to transform Mars

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX is determined to turn Mars into a new home for humans. He is conducting tests to find out whether the red planet contains proper resources that can support life. SpaceX is planning to send humans to Mars by 2024 and then plans to build colonies for people to live in Mars. A new study reveals that the planet lacks adequate carbon dioxide to support the current idea of colonization, but Musk believes if proper technique is used we can generate enough gases from the planet’s soil.

As per research conducted by Nature Astronomy, there would be two ways to transform Mars. The first way is to build an atmosphere that could assist water on Mars, this will help humans to breathe and walk freely. The other way is to increase the atmospheric pressure so that the humans would just need breathing tools instead of huge spacesuits.

But Bruce Jakosky, a researcher of the University of Colorado Boulder found that the red planet just contains adequate carbon dioxide to generate 15 millibars of pressure and crushing the planet’s rocks would generate more 12 millibars.

 In June 2017, Musk had released a statement that Mars is a better contender than Moon for humans to live because it has its own atmosphere and that he wants to make Mars a livable planet for humans one day. Also, the planet has a 24.5-hour day whereas the moon has a 28-hour day. There will be an extinction of resources on Earth someday, so being a multi-planetary civilization is the only alternative for humans.