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Huawei outperforms the iPhone by selling 54 million phones

Huawei recently moved its focus towards markets like Asia and Europe after US retails stores such as AT&T and Best Buy pulled out of arrangements to sell its mobile phones. Still, the company sold more than 54 million handsets last quarter irrespective of the issues it had in the U.S. These staggering figures have pushed Huawei far ahead of Apple to grab the second position as the world’s number two company in terms of units sold.

Earlier it would not have been possible for a firm to achieve such numbers without selling handsets in the U.S. But the emergence of India as the second largest consumer market for smartphones last year has immensely helped Huawei to show that chasing buyers from the U.S. is no longer essential. Apple is one of the ace smartphone companies reported average sales compared to the previous quarters. Its total revenue hiked by one percent, not due to an increase in sales, but by slashing the average selling price of the iPhones. The total unit sale of 41.3 billion by Apple is way less than the 54.2 million sales recorded by Huawei.

Huawei’s trouble started after the U.S. government questioned the security of Huawei phones, although the government has not been able to prove that the cell phones were being used to spy its users. If things remain the same, Huawei may well ignore the U.S. when it launches its expensive range of devices. The company has forced brands like Samsung and Apple to keep up with the technology and innovation it is bringing to its devices. In the end, it’s the consumers in the U.S. who will be losing the chance to use the high-end smartphones which Huawei launches in the near future.