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NASA has not finalized a spacesuit for future missions yet

Humans have identified unbelievable facts about Mars and other objects in our galaxy and new spaceships are being designed which would enable humans to travel swiftly and cover more distances than ever before. NASA is on the brink of an inconceivably thrilling moment in space expedition history. With so much happening parallelly, one might believe that the spacesuits for astronauts would be finalized and ready by now, but you have mistaken. New and improved suits for lengthy missions and surface visits to the Mars and even Moon is still not prepared.

The last spacesuits wore by astronauts on surface apart from Earth now lye in museums and are now antiques. The suits that astronauts presently wear is gigantic and heavy and are similar to the suits made in 1970. That’s not all, the scenario is horrible than what we think. Out of the 18 extravehicular activity suits created, just 11 still work. These suits were created only in three sizes which makes it difficult for some astronauts to fit in. NASA tried to contract out the layout of new suits to various organizations and those activities brought about models that appear to be an enormous advance forward. As per ongoing evaluations by the government, none of those programs really brought about completely working equipment.

NASA has invested $200 million into the spacesuit projects but has nothing to display apart from some models of what the advanced suit would appear like. With so many fast-moving ideas for new space missions and visits to planets like Mars and realizing that astronauts would need those suits to wear during those trips, it is pretty clear that NASA is way behind schedule.