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Magic: The Gathering cards sold at high Price on eBay

With over 20 million players and an endless stream of expansion packs, Magic: The Gathering has been one of the most famous trading card games since 1993 after its launch. The Black Lotus card has been recently sold on eBay at an astonishing price $87,672 as its popularity has seen some of its cards to attain a worthy high price.

Alpha prints the black border cards for Magic: The Gathering, as opposed to the more widely available white border cards. 1100 of each rare card in the Alpha were printed making the Black Lotus card one of the most difficult to find, which made Magic: The Gathering that sold it for such a hu mount is not a surprise.

Due to its limited availability, some fans of Magic: The Gathering might not know the use of the Black Lotus card. In the game, players get three mana using the Black Lotus card, which means that players can possibly have 4 mana on their first round. This advantage has made the Black Lotus card more powerful, for which the Black Lotus card wasn’t reprinted in following versions of the Magic: The Gathering and it is also banned in some of the versions of the game.

Few people may be still thinking why someone would be willing to pay such a high price for a trading card, in spite of its power and rarity. Nevertheless, Magic:  The Gathering trading cards being so costly is not new, whereas it has made collectors of the cards a target for thieves. Like a store in Texas and Austin has been robbed a few years back.