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Peloton Announced Plans to Sell its New Bike

Peloton announced plans to expand sales of its stationary bike product to the U.K. and Canada,

Peloton is a connected exercise equipment company developed a new Peloton bikes worth US$ 1,995, the company also provides live and on-demand classes at a subscription rate of US$ 39-per month. The bike also allows for a tablet to be affixed to the front along with a camera and built-in microphone.

The classes are streamed through the touchscreen, and in case users are unable to view live sessions, they can view over 5,000 classes on demand. The screen of the connected tablet also displays the user’s output. The users that are streaming into live classes are able to view their rank in comparison to others participating at the same time. At the CES 2018, Peloton debuted its US$ 4,000 treadmill, which offers over 7,000 on-demand running and cross-training classes.

The company announced its plans to commence retail locations in London and Toronto in 2018, and also plans to expand into additional European markets in 2019. The company is also expected to open a London-based studio in 2019, with aim to include more live content for users living in different time zones. Peloton announced its plans to commercially sell its exercise bike for £1,995 in the U.K. and CAD$ 2,595 in Canada, however, it did not reveal any details about the monthly subscription in each country.